So it’s time to say goodbye to the year of 2021; a year of some questionable highs and some very slow lows. The year we discovered that our prime minister cares as little for the COVID regulations as he does for his hair, the year we lost musical genius Steven Sondheim, the year Twitter waved goodbye to Donald Trump and the year we discovered that Spiderman and MJ were in love.

For many of us, this year has been one of uncertainty — with COVID cases rising and falling and restrictions coming and going like tidal wives. We felt lucky to celebrate a single birthday with the ones we love and we all got used to translating muffled mask noises with…

Photo of woman stretching her back

A couple of weeks ago, after spending a very unhealthy amount of time sitting cross-legged at my desk, I began noticing a pain in the back of my knee. At first, I thought it was nothing and went on to roll the pins and needles out of my ankle and…

Photo of cheese plant in boho apartment

We all know how important it is to be sustainable and eco-friendly in 2021. More than ever, we’re being encouraged to recycle, reuse and reduce our waste, and to pay attention to how our daily routines can impact the planet.

As freelancers, we tend to think of ourselves as fairly…

Nikki McCaig

Freelance Social Media Manager, Coffee-Drinker Email me at: for chats ’n’ stuff!

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