Has anyone else experienced that feeling of sitting down at your desk, opening up a blank document and feeling completely lost for words? Blog posts and content writing are a core part of a good marketing strategy, not only in terms of boosting your SEO score but also in helping you to develop a more personal relationship with your customers — and yet so many of us can find it difficult to know where to start.

At first, we might have more ideas than we can imagine, but once the backlog runs out our minds can lose interest and finding…

Over the past two years, the world of work has changed, evolved and shifted — moving from a strict schedule of office cubicles and commutes to flexible working and remote desks at home. The pandemic has also changed the way we think about work and its value in our lives. Being faced with months of isolation with our families, the stress and concern for those we love and the pressures of finding a new normal amongst so much chaos has morphed our priorities and given us a new way to look at the working week.

As a freelancer, in particular…

In 2017, Netflix created and released ‘Girlboss‘ — a 13 part comedy series detailing the early days of Sophia Amoruso, the CEO and Founder of Nasty Gal, as she first creates her iconic eBay store. The show rattled through the life of a twenty-something Sophia, struggling to find her place in the world, before eventually stumbling into business as a vintage clothes seller online. …

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In this week’s blog post, I got the chance to talk to Albert Azis-Clauson, co-founder and creator of Underpinned, about the wonderful world of freelancing, mental health and inclusivity. To listen to our chat, make sure you follow The Lonely Freelancer and read along below!

Tell us a bit about your current role and your business

Hey, so I am Albert. I am the CEO and co-founder of Underpinned. I have a weird and wonderful background that got me into running Underpinned, I was a freelancer for a long time, I was a business strategy consultant, I founded a few businesses, worked for charity, worked in various different sectors doing various…

Woman covering her face with her hands

Before I begin this post, I want to issue a number of disclaimers.

  1. I am not a mental health professional. Mental health is something that I struggle with to a chronic degree and I have received my fair share of treatments and therapies for it over the years. The recommendations I’m about to share are a combination of my personal recovery experiences and the advice given to me by mental health professionals, condensed into a helpful guide to anyone struggling with health anxiety.
  2. I have not recovered from health anxiety — but I am on the way there. I am…

Make online meetings more inclusive

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Photo by Surface on Unsplash

Although many businesses are busy planning their returns to the office, for some, working from home has provided a safer, more comfortable alternative that their employees are reaping the benefits of. Working from home offers a number of benefits, from easy childcare to the absence of a commute to a less distracted workforce, and more and more businesses are opting in in the post-pandemic era.

But for many employees, working from home provides more than just a comfortable working environment and easy access to their families. For those struggling with mental or physical health conditions, be able to work remotely…

When working as a freelancer, it can feel like your livelihood depends on calendar updates, to-do lists and diary entries. With so many clients to juggle and projects to finish, staying on top of everything in your life can be a huge task — one that many of us still haven’t quite got the hang of yet.

Woman writing in diary

Without the support of a universal office calendar or a friendly colleague to get you up to speed, the responsibility of staying organised as a self-employed worker truly lies on your shoulders. From remembering to fill in your tax return to planning your…

Disclaimer: It’s important to note that these tips are not designed to discourage mental health sufferers from seeking treatment, or to encourage them to simply accommodate their problems rather than address them. The aim of this blog post is to help those who are on the waiting list for help, are struggling with functioning on a daily basis or want advice on handling long term mental health problems that standard treatments won’t apply to.

Woman hugging her knees in bed

In February of this year, I experienced one of the biggest and darkest mental health lows I’ve had in years. I went through mental and physical struggles I haven’t faced since I was a teenager and I honestly had no idea how to handle it. From severe anxiety to deep depression and a crippling bout of OCD, it felt like I just shattered and everything that made me me was gone.

But once I was over the worst of it, I felt like I had to learn how to be a person again — I had to remind myself how…

It’s no secret that social media is a difficult market to approach. Constantly changing algorithms, oversaturated platforms, the myth of the viral video, and the impossibly short life cycle of the social media trend can make it hard for brands and businesses to find their place in these digital spheres. With so much noise, content, and character being shared every single minute, how is a single small business meant to gain any traction?

Hands on a laptop keyboard

In this week’s blog post, I want to share some of the smallest yet often overlooked secrets of building a great social media profile for your brand…

Woman holding coffee near a laptop

Throughout my years working as a freelancer, I’ve heard many a myth, rumour or assumption about my job. Whether it be from a well-meaning client or a judgemental social media post, there has always been a certain stigma about working for yourself.

Recently I found myself having to dismiss and debunk some of these myths, and although it was a frustrating process to do so, it also gave me a clearer understanding of why people make these assumptions of my work in the first place.

Over the past year, the term ‘working from home’ has been used more and more…

Nikki McCaig

Freelance Social Media Manager, Coffee-Drinker Email me at: nikki.j.mccaig@gmail.com for chats ’n’ stuff!

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