A Conversation About Youtube with My 14 Year Old Self

Today I decided to write about Youtube. Youtube has played a major role in my life since I was 14 years old, and there’s barely a day gone by where I’ve not logged into the site. It’s been my best friend, my secret crush, my procrastination, my survival guide, my good and my bad times. It’s been my constant for over 7 years — but recently things have been changing. I wanted to take a look back on Youtube from the most significant points in my life — when I first began watching at aged 14, and now, aged 21 — to see how my perspective of the site and it’s users has changed over the years.

Youtube in 2009

Youtube in 2017



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Nikki McCaig

Freelance Social Media Manager, Coffee-Drinker Email me at: nikki.j.mccaig@gmail.com for chats ’n’ stuff!