Is Freelancing Truly Good For Our Mental Health?

how freelancing can improve your mental health

Over 40% of people feel that freelancing has had a negative impact on their mental health. But that still leaves over 50% who feel the opposite. There are definite benefits to working from home, and working for yourself, and often these can lend themselves to increased levels of self-care, mental health care and relaxation. Being at home, in your own space, you have more freedom and control over the routine of your day. You can set up your desk in a way that feels calm, you can plan your work hours around meditation sessions and therapy appointments, you can take a mid-day break for a yoga workout or a walk in the park and you can give yourself breathers whenever you need to.

how freelancing can harm your mental health

When you work alone, you truly are just that; alone. For many freelancers, their working day will start and end alone, with perhaps the odd phone call or text from a friend in the middle. Whilst that does mean peace and quiet, it can also be an environment in which mental illnesses thrive, as without healthy distractions, problems like anxiety, OCD, intrusive thoughts and depression can spiral. Silence is an incredibly oppressive thing, and the isolation of working at home without a team can be a huge negative factor in the freelancing experience.

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